Hey everyone thanks for reading my post and last thing to ask for you guy is to check out our campaign and donate click this link Team Yale.  That is it for the challenge I hope you enjoy my posts and Goodbye. 😀


Hey everyone it’s mar mar and today I wanted to talk about a project my classmates and I were working on. The project that my classmates and I worked on was a website to help causes that help people with no education and more. Please check it out it would mean the world to us and please donate to C.A.R.E which is helping children and families around the world in hard times. Please help out by clicking the link and donating. Team Yale Education

In class we are doing a project that involves you guys to help out and donate to causes such as CARE so kids in need can get a life changing experience. Help everyone get a education,fight poverty and hunger by donating anything you can. To learn more about the Global Goals click the the word Global Goals.